Todo está bien, todo va a estar bien. (2011)

by GlowStone Leaf Orchestra

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Todo está bien, todo va a estar bien es publicado oficialmente el 11 de noviembre del 2011.

Editado de manera totalmente casera, las grabaciones se llevaron a cabo en copas de árboles, casas abandonadas, baldíos y azoteas.

Este es un trabajo totalmente imperfecto, humano y natural. Sin intenciones de pulirse mantiene la esencia de la primer toma en cada uno de los componentes de cada canción.

All is well, all will be well is officially published on November 11th, 2011.

Totally home-made edited, the recordings were taken on treetops, abandoned houses, wastelands and rooftops.

This is a totally human, imperfect, natural work. Without intentions of sleeking it maintains the esence from the first take in each component of each song.


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


GlowStone Leaf Orchestra Mexico

GlowStone Leaf Orchestra is an independent mexican project founded by multi instrumentalist Saola.

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Track Name: Your back, the wildest meadow
What joy of being moonlight, to drench your back.
What joy of being moonlight, to light your road.
What joy of being a sunset, to take your breath away.
What joy of being a falling star, to make your wishes come true.
Track Name: De aquí a saturno
I went to Saturn and looked around.
And from all of the moons in orbit, your eyes were the brightest.
Track Name: Deer hunter
Oh, from now and on i will be singing, whistling, singing and barking your name
And i can promise to you, my dear, it will be a choir.
Yes, there will be birds, and trees, flowers, and cats, and the lions, and wolves and the trees.

Everybody will sing your name.

Well, i'm still delighted with your soul and arms.
Delighted with your soul and your arms.
And if you listen to me i will be singing about butterflies.

And i'll be true, i'll be true.

I am true.
Track Name: We're so many foxes, we're tired of being few
From green it rises the white skin, the skin that covers the feet that are walking beside me.
From green it rises the eyes that are looking at me as my skin and my hair, all of me grows older.

In blue it rises the hair i'm smelling every morning.
Track Name: My compass points to You
I'll name my ship, just like your name to get the luck of finding you in the shore.
I'll teach the birds to sing your name so i will never forget
where i come from, where i belong, where i am going, where i...
Track Name: The day that i married Nastienka
Oh, my darling, i am sincere when i'm singing that your being brings me so much peace.
and there is where i want to be.

And in the meadows, around the hill, while the people sing and cheer
we dance our waltz and in the field, our written names breath life.
Track Name: Home
There's thousands of flavours, thousands of colours
Thousands of scents, thousands of nests
And i had to fall in mine next to yours
surrounded by a fox, a wolf and a butterfly

My hummingbird dressed in colourful petals.